Seducing Bo by Trixie Stilletto

Amber Quill Press

Amber Heat

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-107-4

Contemporary Erotica

Reviewed by Vicki



Bo is the go-to guy in his small town. And today he got a little help from a fortuneteller at the carnival in town. She gave him a coin that promised to bring him passion, and boy was she right.

Kerry has been in love with Bo since they where five years old. When he walked into the police station and started kissing her she figured something must be wrong. Quickly she realizes that everything would be better than ever.

Seducing Bo is a fast paced story, how sweet it is to find true passion with someone hiding right under your nose. The writing makes it believable and totally hot. I did wonder who was taking care of Bos duties while he was off having all that good sex with Kerry though.


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