Roughing It by Vonna Harper


Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781418817257

Reviewed by Amelia



While having a drink in a bar one night, Asia is approached by two men who have a proposition for her. They will pay her $1,000 if she will be the willing sex slave of their friend Ritter. After doing research on the former ball player turned coach she agrees, and allows his friends to bind her nude body in red ropes to await Ritter’s arrival on his birthday.

When Ritter told his friends he wanted a sex slave for his birthday, he didn’t think they’d take him seriously. But they did. He’s not exactly sure what to do, until he finds out she’s a very willing sex slave. Let the games begin.

Roughing It is beyond sizzling. I was very intrigued by the blurb, and once I was three pages into the story, I was hooked. This is an erotica story, and as such the sex is scorching, and the fantasy that plays out between the two main characters is blistering. At times, I used my e-reader as a fan to cool myself down.

This isn’t a novel for everyone, though. Ms. Harper stays in character with her storyline, and some things, like slapping, may not be for every reader. But if you like your sex rough, and your story scorching hot, then Roughing It is the novella for you. I know I would love to see more of these two, who are planning on exploring their fantasy more at the end of the book.


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