Risen from Ash by Rachel Bo

Veterans Series

Loose id

BDSM Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-307-0

Reviewed by Ley



Iraq left a lasting impression on Damon Wayland.  A sad impression, that left him with nightmares and the inability to resume a lifestyle he once enjoyed.  Damon found himself questioning his sexual dominance and his need to live the BDSM lifestyle.  Unable to move pass the images he saw during his time in Iraq, Damon felt he was destiny to live his life alone and lonely, until he meets his new neighbor Ashland Finn.

Ashland Finn is a submissive who wants very much to help Damon ease back into his dominant role.  Although, she’s dominant in ever aspect of her life, Ashland has no problem giving up control in the bedroom, especially to Damon. 

Risen From Ash is an extremely erotic story.  Damon is a broken man and Ash helps him to face his demons and become whole again.  Although I felt the plot was a little anomalous, the author, Rachel Bo was able to pull it off and make me feel and root for Damon and Ash.  She created characters that real people could relate to. They have flaws, insecurities and fears, and were not the perfect body Barbie dolls and GQ model type.  Damon and Ash also share a great chemistry and that’s what I enjoyed most about the story.   For readers into BDSM stories Risen From Ash is definitely a book to be added to your reading list.


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