Ride by Cameron Dane

Liquid Silver Books

Erotic Contemporary Romance

ISBN 978-1-59578-467-4

Reviewed by Nannette



Sheriff Duke Boon has wanted bullrider Risa Forrester for a long time but being nearly twice Risaís age, Duke refuses to act on his attraction. Risa has been in love with Duke for a very long time but she canít get him to admit his feelings for her. When Duke finally acts on his desires their passion is explosive, but they have a rough road ahead of them. As Duke tries to ferret out a thief in town, he soon realizes that bullriding is not the only danger out there and heís not willing to bend when it comes to Risaís safety. Somewhere between his fear and lust for Risa lies his love for her. If Duke canít find it though, heíll lose Risa forever.

Risa is feisty and very independent in Ride. Duke is a bit old fashioned, very sexy and stubborn as a mule. They make a great match in bed. Out of bed, they have some trouble. Duke is constantly pulling Risa in then pushing her away. It gets a little frustrating after a while.  Risa stands by her man, but she stands up for herself too. The sex between Risa and Duke is very hot. Cameron Dane tells a good story.  Her writing really stirs emotions, especially the naughty kind!  Risa and Duke fought until the very end of Ride. Itís a little exhausting, but itís a good story.


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