Restrictions Applied by Fiona Jayde

Rookery Cove


Paranormal Erotic Menage

ISBN: 978-1-59596-869-2

Reviewed by Elysia



Maya is a witch with just two powers, the ability to freeze a subject, and the ability to make a man want her. But they are enough for her to be hired to stop a rash of crimes that have been occurring on the island. She really doesn’t mind working with ex-cop Joe Holland.  She just has to make sure she doesn’t let her lust get in the way.  Joe Holland had to get used to the idea that he wasn’t a cop anymore. This job should help him do that, if only he can keep his desire for his hot new partner under control.

I haven’t read any of the other Rookery Cove books, so the beginning of Fiona Jayde’s Restrictions Applied was a bit confusing, as I didn’t understand we were on an island that specialized in paranormals. Once I got over my confusion, the story seemed to move along fairly well. I found the idea behind the septiel, Joe, very unique and interesting, and it was what drew to me to the story to begin with, but the “crime” seemed to be just there as an excuse for the sex. Although the sex was fun and interesting, it wasn’t quite enough to carry the entire story.



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