Remember Me by Trista Ann Michaels

Entwined Fates, Book 2

Loose Id

Erotic Futuristic/Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-736-8

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



For years Devlin has mourned the loss of his fiancée Skylar.  He loved her as he had loved no other and when she died his empathetic heart almost stopped beating.  Now, five years later, the empath is at the coronation ceremony of his adopted sister and sees a vision he never thought he would see again.  He sees Skylar the woman he has never forgotten nor stopped loving.  Instantly wanting to go to her he is dismayed and angry to find that she is the used sex slave of Baron Karn, an evil man that gives no thought to what a treasure he holds in his hands.  Deciding then and there that Skylar is still his, Devlin thinks up and hatches a plan to rescue Skylar from her vile captor.

Ever since waking up without her memory, Skylar has dreamed of a man with enigmatic blue eyes.  No matter how hard and rough she was treated by her master, she knew she could escape in her dreams where her dream lover treats her with love and gentleness.  When she meets the eyes of the queen’s adopted brother across the crowded her breath is stolen from her chest and her heart erratically beats.  Not knowing who he is or what he wants, she hopes against hope that he can meet the price her captor is setting for the man to spend one night in her bed.  She has no idea that when the man comes to her room he is coming to rescue her. 

Devlin and Skylar escape into space and travel to safety.  Or do they? It seems that Baron Karn is not a happy loser and will do anything to have his money making slave back; even if he has to kill to have her.

After reading Destined for Two I yearned for Devlin’s story.  He was such an alpha figure that I had to know his story and Remember Me is the perfect book for such a perfect man.  He loved Skylar with every beat of his heart and once she learned to trust again, she loved him just as much.  Devlin and Skylar made the perfect couple in my mind and every woman should be loved just half as much as Skylar was.

Trista Ann Michaels has me hooked with her Entwined Fates series and I am looking forward to each and every breathtaking installment.


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