Redemption: Incubus by Brynn Paulin

Redemption, Book 2


Paranormal Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-906328-81-8

Reviewed by Chris



Beware of the Internet. The things lurking in its electrical impulses are not always human.

Valentine Jones likes cyber relationships, particularly one-night-stands. No day-after awkwardness. Nobody hogging her bed or her shower. But one man refuses to be a one-night-stand—Master Noah. She’s tried to avoid him, but no matter where she creeps around on the ‘Net, he finds her. What’s her dirty secret? She really wants him to find her. Oh, and she has the ability to heal wounded plants, animals, and people with her touch.

Known as Master Noah online, Noah Proctor has roamed the world doing the bidding of his demon master. Once a headstrong and selfish youth, he fell into the wrong crowd and sold himself into bondage. Now he’s an incubus, feeding off women’s sexual energies and eventually killing them. Val’s his beast’s next target.

Can Val's unique gifts coupled with Noah's love for her conquer the curse?

For a short erotic story, Redemption: Incubus, manages to weave a fairly imaginative plot through a multitude of sex scenes—including masturbation and anal sex. It also adds an element of kink. For the bulk of the story, Noah is invisible. How handy for discrete public play. Brynn Paulin’s written a quick, well-edited read that shouldn’t be missed, particularly if you like your sex sprinkled with some light domination.


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