Reckless by Maya Banks

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60504-034-9

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Sheriff J. T. Summers knows he is a goner.  He knows this but does his best to ignore it.  Why? Because the one woman he wants and desires is the one woman he is not allowed to have – his best friend’s much younger sister, Nikki Durant. 

Nikki has loved J. T. For what seems like forever.  Much to her consternation, J. T. resists her at every turn using her age as an excuse.  Almost desperate, Nikki is running out of options where J. T. is concerned.  She has one thing left up her sleeve to make J. T. admit his feelings for her.  If only he wasn’t so stubborn.

J. T. Summers had good intentions.  They were honorable and moralistic.  They were not realistic, especially where Nikki was concerned.  She loved J. T. and made no bones about it.  Convincing J. T. of this and that the age gap between them didn’t matter, took a lot of effort but was well worth the end result. 

I really enjoyed seeing the characters of Brazen again.  Their friendship with J. T. and Nikki made for an amusing scene or two.  With Reckless, Maya Banks has penned a perfect story for these two lovers. It was a ‘forbidden love no longer denied’ sort of novel and it was outstanding.  Of course, I had no doubts. After all, it was written by Maya Banks!


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