Querida by Jamie Craig

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-123-8

Reviewed by:  Vivian



When Maddy’s son, who was supposed to drive her to her niece’s wedding, stands her up, he offers to have his best friend Tonio drive her.

Tonio has been attracted to Maddy since he met her at a Christmas party, but after months of flirting, he finally has her undivided attention for 6 hours, and figures this is his second chance to be with her.

Can he convince her that he doesn’t want just one weekend fling?

Querida is one of those books that linger with you long after the book is over.  I truly enjoyed Querida.  Jamie Craig did a wonderful job portraying the older woman/younger man story with realism and a lot of emotional depth.  This is not just one of those “cougar” on the prowl stories.  Tonio’s respect and affection for Maddy is fantastically written.  Maddy’s age is really never an issue, and I appreciate that Ms. Craig did not make that an insurmountable issue for the couple.  Querida is one for the keeper shelf.


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