Pure Distraction by Carolina Barbour

Siren Publishing

Erotic Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 1-60601-086-7

Reviewed by Tanya



Lana has landed on a planet and is suddenly not only an “alien” but somehow she is captured, analyzed, tattooed and is set to be auctioned off as a “Breeder”.  Add to this she is transported “accidentally” to an unknown area full of frightening creatures, and has to be rescued.   She is stunned by the man (Xander) who comes to her rescue.  He is everything male, and makes her blood sing.  But, does he care for her as more than a brood mare or is he just interested in her as a breeder as others seem to be.  She is further unsure when she is handed back over to her captors.  She definitely does not expect the outcome of the auction of herself.

Now suddenly she is thrown into Xander’s world and it definitely does not seem to come with a manual on how to do things.  There are also a number of things that are different and she is having a hard time coping with them, especially when it seems everyone else around her either resents or hates her, except for Xander.  Now suddenly someone seems to be trying to kill her. Will she and Xander be able to work together to keep her safe, and will they both finally find true love?

Ms. Barbour has written what is classified as an erotic futuristic romance but I would also like to point out that there are a few suspenseful twists and turns, and a “whodunit” flavor to this erotic offering.  Pure Distraction is just that, a huge distraction if you want to get anything else done while reading it.  I found that Ms. Barbour did a great job in not only setting up this alternate society but also showing both how it was supposed to work and how it changed.  Readers should note that there are also a few M/M encounters as part of the storyline.  Overall, I found the world Ms. Barbour created to be intriguing and I hope she hopes to use it in future adventures.  Pure Distraction is a great summer read, but make sure you have time to sit and read it all, as you will find you keep going back to it until you finish it.


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