Private Maneuvers by Denise A. Agnew

Hot Zone, Book 3


Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 1-59998-904-2

Reviewed by Tanya



Marisa has definitely not had the best vacation, ok so it started out well but when things turn for the worse, her new friend calls in her fiancť and his buddies.  One of these buddies is Jake Sullivan and not only is the man yummy but he seems to be interested (or at least stalking) her.  But, after a disaster with Alex, her former military fiancť, she has decided she wants nothing to do with military men, too bad her hormones do not listen to her.  She is convinced since Jake is taking his month leave in her town, working for her uncle, that she will just have to wait him out.  Geesh she only has to wait a month, surely she can handle that.  But when things start to happen around the tavern and itís living spaces that are not explainable, she seems to be attracted to Jake, for comfort at least.

Jake canít figure out what Marisa is doing to him.  He normally has a protective streak a mile wide but when he helps rescue Marisa, it becomes even wider.  When he is given the opportunity to take a closer look at his attraction, and determines it isnít just protective but also there is a sexual chemistry, hands on he will do what he can to be with Marisa.  He is wondering if one time will be enough though.  Will she be willing to take a chance on him, or will her past keep her from what they both want?  Suddenly it looks like Marisa might be in danger again, and he knows he will do anything to keep her from being hurt.

Wow there are a number of sub plots happening in this one fast paced story.  You have lost love, kidnapping, serious sexual attraction and friendships.  If that wasnít enough you also have a serious hot Special Forces man and a woman he wants to protect.  Private Maneuvers is the third book in the Hot Zone Series, and a fantastic addition at that.  I was drawn in from the first page and it kept me intrigued throughout the story.  I think anyone who likes a strong woman and a sexy man with scruples will thoroughly enjoy Private Maneuvers.


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