Plagued By K.Z. Snow

Elloraís Cave

Paranormal Time Travel

ISBN: 9781419911583

Reviewed by Ley



Unable to deny themselves each other after their first taste, their one night stand turns into so much more.  Adin Swift and Celia Quillís new relationship has a few obstacles, not the least of which is that Adin is a 600plus-year-old vampire. Adin knows Celia is whom heís been searching for, even though he didnít realize he had been looking.  Holding back his feelings, there are things Adin has to take care of before he can truly be happy with Celia.

Adinís past is threatening his future. He needs help to find the vampire who has haunted his soul for a century (centuries?) and is indirectly responsibly for him being a vampire.  Adin calls on his friend and wizard Jackson Sprey. With Celia by his side and with Jacksonís help, Adin travels back in time to where it all began. 

Plagued is a fantastic read.  K.Z. Snow did a great job with detail and imagination to create this interesting and very captivating story - it definitely held my attention.  Celia and Adin are hot together; the chemistry is so strong it leaps off the pages. I really found Jackson Sprey to be an enthralling character.  Iím not familiar with Cemetery Dancer, the book where he was first introduced, but Iím glad Ms. Snow allowed him to come play with Adin and Celia.  There are some scenes that are very graphic regarding certain deaths, but those are minor in comparison to the hot love scenes.  Plagued is an intriguing and sexy story well worth reading.


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