Past Lies by Shayla Kersten

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary m/m romance

ISBN: 9781419916380

Reviewed by Beth Anne



The boy from the “right” side of the tracks, Paul Loughton is thirty-eight years old and the mayor of small town Prestonville.  He’s also currently practicing law in his father’s law firm.  Descendent of the small town founding family, raised with a holier-than-thou attitude, Paul was his high school team football captain and had any girl he desired.  Paul’s been attending the five, ten, fifteen year high school reunions, but the twenty year anniversary has him nervous and excitable, as Paul knows Randy Martin is attending this year’s event.  Desires and longings Paul has deeply suppressed are resurfacing as the event approaches.

The boy from the “wrong” side of the tracks, Randy Martin, is President of the Research and Development Division of Info Tech and highly successful in the Information Technology field.  Randy was known in High School as the “boy who didn’t like girls” and attends the reunion driving his Mercedes S550 and wearing his Rolex watch.

In Past Lies, Paul and Randy reunite and the friendship that “never was”, ignites with passion.  Even more surprising, Paul and Randy find themselves on a journey of sexual discovery and trust, allowing hot sexual kinks and games into their love play.  The deception and hiding of their relationship begins to endanger Paul and Randy’s steamy romance.  Paul is not out to his family, friends, or the small town community.  Randy on the other hand, is openly gay, but not to his mother.  At the risk of blackmail and betrayal from Paul’s ex-fiancée, potential disinheritance from Paul’s’ homophobic father, and public outing of their gay relationship, Paul and Randy must decide their futures.  At first, I was surprised by the intensity, quickness, number of secret trysts between Paul and Randy, but the progression of the story in Past Lies, with the development of character and conflict kept my interest. 

Past Lies is a hot read with a different twist to the high school reunion of past romance “could have been” relationships.  I especially enjoyed Paul’s mother southern charm and kick-ass backbone, made-of-steel attitude delivered with graceful personality.



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