Paperback Romance by Selena Kitt

Excessica Romance

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Maya has always daydreamed, mostly about romance and adventure.  So this is what she continually writes about as this is what she knows.  But the creative writing class she is in seems to be determined to crush her spirit and make her write something else.  At one point, Maya is almost in tears about their feedback and belittling of a genre that she feels strongly about.

During one startling conversation and meeting with her professor, she finds that there might be more to him that she originally thought.  She was already attracted to this man almost twice her age, now what will she do?  Can she turn her daydreams into reality?

I have mixed emotions about Paperback Romance by Selena Kitt, which for me is different as I usually either really like or dislike a story.  But this one has found a way into a neutral category.  The overall storyline and premise is great and the writing is fantastic.  Here is the “but”: I thought the tone of the overall story was ruined by the erotic scene.  It felt like it had to be added to meet a genre, as the rest of the story was “sweet,” including the cover.  Paperback Romance is one that you might find interesting, though I was neutral.


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