Over the Wall by Theolyn Boese

Loose Id

Contemporary Shifter Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-693-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Cass is a shapeshifter, as are all of her family members.  But, her family has gotten the “short end of the shifter stick” -- no wolves, panthers, or tigers for them.  Cass is a mongoose and her grandfather was a horny old goat.  With all of this abnormality in her personal life, she likes a bland work life, but she seems to find all the odd co-workers.  She even chats online with friends about them and makes up cute names.  Her best friend online is Dar, and he seems to go through women as fast as some people buy bread.

What will happen when these two friends end up working together, purely by coincidence?  Will Cass’s odd relatives scare him off?  Or will whoever is breaking into Cass’s house make it all moot?

Over the Wall is just too funny.  For all those out there who dream of shapeshifters, this is one story that in a way picks on the genre but also will make you laugh.  I loved how Cass describes the people in her “cube world” and imagined some of them in my workplace.  This story has it all: from snakes and snake men, to aliens and anime.  There is at least one romantic encounter where one of the partners is partially shifted, which I thought was funny. If you want a laugh-out-loud fun read, with some extremely hot sex scenes, you need to find Over the Wall fast.


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