Obscure by Yolanda Sfetsos

Cobblestone Press

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60088-213-5

Reviewed by Tanya



Amber was the star of an Australian Daytime Soap but over time not only did she become disillusioned but after an accident where her mother dies, she retires early from the life of acting.  Now she doesn’t know what to do with herself.  But, when an extraordinary man comes through her bedroom mirror, and after a few odd coincidences takes place, she is interested. 

Kellen wants to keep Amber safe and is so attracted to her he had almost given up hope of her being drawn to him.  But, his first priority is to keep her safe.  Then he wants to keep her world safe from the likes of his dimension and the ugliness there.

Will they both finally find what they have been looking for all along?  And will it be possible for Amber to stand up to the Queen in Kellen’s world and survive her evil?

Are things “cosmically” linked together?  If you read Obscure you will not only say yes to that but will have a new mental view of what a Dwarf would look like.  Ms. Sfetsos again proves she was a wonderful imagination for creating worlds up there with the best of them (LKH and SK to name a few).  I was quickly drawn into the story and rooting for the good guys to win.  She is also able to write a very well placed erotic storyline to entice many to look for more characters and stories from her.  Obscure is a strong, fast-paced read for the spring.



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