Naughty Notions by Jennifer Leeland

Forbidden Publications

Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Elysia



Lani is a happily married woman. She has been for years. But recently she has realized that their sexual relationship has lacked the spark it once had. Her husband Brian also feels their relationship needs something more, but neither seems to know how to approach the other. Will this Valentine’s be the right time to rekindle that long lost flame?

In Naughty Notions Ms. Leeland addressed a common occurrence in most long- term marriages and addressed it well. Many couples look for a way to spice up their love life and find it difficult, if not impossible to talk to their partner about it. I thought her handling of the situation was wonderfully done. The sex was hot and long, and loads of fun for both the participants and me. I enjoyed this story immensely.


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