My Own Wings by Ava Merrick

Eternal Press

Sweet Romance

Reviewed by Tori



Sara felt like her life was all wrong.  Her boyfriend was too possessive, her mother too controlling and she felt no joy in her job.  Everyday she spends time trying to remember the man that is little more then a feeling to her, she just knows that he cares for her deeply.  Who is the man that haunts her dreams?  Sara just knows it is time for a change.

My Own Wings is an interesting concept.  Sara is lost in her world of what people expect of her and she cannot break free of it.  While it works in theory, in practice it felt a bit disjointed as she had random conversations about a man that she could not quite remember.  Most of the story is narration about things Sara just cannot grasp fully so it made it hard to grasp it fully myself.



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