Mountain Trails by Julia Talbot

Torquere Press

Contemporary Romance (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-348-2, 1-60370-248-9

Reviewed by Sabella



Chip is having a good time doing what he loves as a river guide which he also gets paid for.  However, when Carlo, one of his clients, turns out to be hot enough to melt rock, things get interesting, especially when they try to make things work.  In the meantime, all of Chipís friends are finding their place during their last year as college students.  Danny finds that being the dreamer of the group can be a good thing when he has someone like Gage to ground him.  Aaron discovers that the crush heís had on Gage in nothing compared to the real love he finds with Bryce.

While all these guys are having fun, will they be able to make things work once they leave the student life?

Mountain Trails is an entertaining book that is really a collection of vignettes involving all the couples throughout a year.  Julia Talbot manages to imbue all the encounters between the men, however brief, with enough passion and emotion that they will grab your attention.  Still, itís hard to get to know any of the characters well, as some donít appear more than once and others only appear during romantic encounters. However, this format makes for a perfect book for a day at the beach when you might need to put down your book several times since you wonít loose the thread of the action or emotions.  Mountain Trails evokes all the fun and angsty moments that we all experience while growing up and becoming responsible adults.  Pick up Mountain Trails for a fun and sexy read!


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