Michael's Keeper by Melissa Bradley

Amber Quill Press

Amber Heat

Dark Fantasy / Werewolf

ISBN: 978-1-60272-284-2

Reviewed by Zayn



As Crossroads Gatekeeper, Ryanne Night-Walker is responsible for sending demons back to the Other realm.  Michael St. John is king of the St. John wolf pack.  He seeks out Ryanne for help with a demon problem in his pack. 

Michael and Ryanne are attracted to each other, but it is taboo for them to become a couple.  Will Michael flout convention and mate with a human? Will Ryanne risk the wrath of the Celestial council and take a mate?

I love this world that Melissa Bradley has created.  The chemistry between Michael and Ryanne is immediate and explosive.  If you like magic, hot loving, and demons getting their butt kicked, you will enjoy Michael's Keeper.


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