Menagerie by Lara Santiago

Siren Publishing

Erotic Sci-Fi/Menage a trios or more

ISBN:  1-60601-118-9

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Valerie Thornhillís day canít get any worse.  First she wakes up and finds herself looking at a man who is blue.  Then, Mr. Blue had the audacity to tell her that she has to have sex with five different men in order to save their lives.  Valerie has been abducted by aliens.  Taken to their world, she is told that for the duration of her time on the spaceship she is to service five men sexually for five years.  If she decides not to have sex with the men who pick her, they could die.  She figures she will make a schedule and go about her duties without emotion.  She doesnít count on the fact that she will want and desire each individual man, and she should, equally.  Therein lies Valerieís problem.  One of the men has become more than a scheduled liaison -- he has become the man she loves.

Good heavens above Menagerie made me squirm! From beginning to end I wanted to BE Valerie. Each male in her harem was deserving of love and I found myself individually loving every one of them.  Add in the plot twist at the end and my heart smiled for a story well told.  Menagerie is unlike any alien book I have ever read and the heat is out of this world.  I will read Menagerie over and over. 


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