Marriage by Proxy by Sasha Combs

Self published

I/R Erotica

Reviewed by Nellie



Carolyn believed in nature taking its course, in terms of falling in love and finding her potential life mate. In her late thirties, a successful attorney with her own practice, Carolyn had no current or potential relationship. It was time to discard her old beliefs in finding love and take a different approach, so she enlisted the help of her friend Alexandra, the matchmaker. A few days later Carolyn was introduced to her husband, a tall, dark and sexy surgeon with a Russian accent.

Misha Petrov trusted in Alexandra and left his love match in her capable hands. He was not disappointed as he instantly fell in love with Carolyn the moment he set his eyes on her and was drawn even deeper during their weekend retreat. He waited patiently for Carolyn to reciprocate his feelings. But, Misha’s past life and his secrecy in terms of his relationship with Alexandra was threatening to break-up a marriage that was getting stronger initially even though it was built on unstable ground.

I loved the idea of a Marriage by Proxy, the main characters were put in a difficult position, basically between a rock and a hard place, in terms of their marriage. They overcame their weary and hesitant start and became a match made in heaven. The story line was strong and there was some wit and touching moments. I was however, a bit distracted by the execution of some points because they were inundated with too much unnecessary information.



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