Manwich by Sedonia Guillone

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-4199-1727-1

Reviewed by Talia Ricci


Ghostwriter Kayla Morgan has a dilemma. Her boss has asked her to finish writing the manuscript of a famous romance novelist who was injured in a car crash. Not realizing what she was agreeing to, Kayla jumps at the chance only to realize that in order to finish the manuscript, she will have to research the novel exactly as the author would be doing. Not just that, but the author does not write from imagination but from real life experiences. Kayla thinks this will be a piece of cake. When she learns this particular romance novel is a ménage a trios, something Kayla doesn't think she will ever be able to experience.

Agreeing to the job despite her reservations, Kayla returns home to get started on the manuscript. Turning into her driveway, she sees her neighbor, Shawn MacKay…Shawn of the golden hair and gleaming muscles MacKay. The one man she has had a crush on for the last year.

Shawn MacKay has been attracted to quiet, unassuming Kayla Morgan since the day he moved in next door to her duplex. At wit's end since his last girlfriend insulted his manhood, he decides to go for broke and asks Kayla out to dinner. She agrees and they have a wonderful time. Things get better when sparks fly afterwards and Shawn spends the rest of the night making love with Kayla.

When morning comes, both are ecstatic to realize that they want things to proceed further. When Kayla tells Shawn of her ghostwriting chance that she is going to give away in order to see him, he halts her and lets her in on a little plan. A plan that involves his brother Ryan…a plan that Shawn hopes will keep Kayla and Ryan with him forever.

Just the title, Manwich, gave me shivers. I imagined all sorts of lovely encounters between the three characters and for the most part, was not disappointed. Exquisitely written with careful, erotic love scenes, Ms. Guillone delves into her characters and their feelings for each other in Manwich. She takes their fears and makes them important and real. However, in doing this, I felt like the eroticism suffered. When reading a ménage, I adore when the characters come together as one being, and in this case, that did not happen. I felt at times as if Kayla was just an outlet for the male characters and that disappointed me and made things a bit dirty in my eyes.


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