Love you, Loveday by G.A. Hauser

Linden Bay Romance

Erotic M/M Romance

ISBN 978-1-60202-104-4

Reviewed by Nannette



Former adult film star Gabriel ďAngelĒ Loveday now owns a book store, The Uncut Buzzard. Angelís past comes back to haunt him when his sixteen year old son Oliver finds out about it. Oliver is distraught and begins acting out. Heís hanging out with a weird kid named Perry who is obsessed with Angelís past. When someone starts leaving photos and his old movies for him to find, Angel calls the police. Detective Billy Sharpe is assigned to the case. Billy has had a crush on Angel since he first watched his movies many years ago. Heís thrilled to get the chance to get to know Angel.  As the men strike a romantic relationship, Angelís stalker is getting bolder and more dangerous.

Angel used to be a porn star and then he became a straight laced book store owner. Itís very sexy. His inner sex pot comes out with Billy. Billyís desire and excitement for Angel is adorable. Oliverís feelings seem genuine and understandable. The stalkerís identity is not a big mystery, but Love you, Loveday is still a pretty good story with a loving and hot romance.


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