Loveís Last stand by Jane Toombs

Amber Quill Press


ISBN: 978-1-60272-109-8

Reviewed by Tori



Nona Willard went out to Fort Abraham Lincoln deep in the Dakota Territory, to help her sister with the birth of her first child.  Despite warnings to stay close to the fort, Nonaís sisterís strong-willed ways ends up getting them kidnapped by Indians.  When her sister dies while in captivity after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Nona is forced to make some hard choices for the good of her sisterís child.  Will her selfish brother-in-law be able to forgive her?

Nona intrigues Spencer Quinlan, He is a bachelor by choice, and he chooses to travel the county as a freelance writer.  He has traveled to the Dakota Territory to be near General Custer, a highly respected military man.  Spencer wants to write an article about the real Custer to send back east.  Despite her ability to get into trouble or maybe because of it, Nona makes him want to settle down.

I really did like Love's Last Stand as a whole. Character development and plot both kept me reading. My only objection was that it felt too long in spots. When the plot picked back up it would be thrilling and then slow right back down again.  Some of the plot points seemed a bit expected but well timed.  Loveís Last Stand was a worthy read despite the few flaws.


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