Love on the Run by Kori Roberts

Loose Id

BDSM Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-59632-662-0

Reviewed by Indy



Still working to bring down the man responsible for a human trafficking ring, Tony expects to encounter danger. He doesnít however want his sisterís beautiful and nosy friend Bianca in the way. As a reporter working on a story thatís more personal than career related, Bianca canít help but be entranced by her best friendís brother. Needing a way to really ensure her story has all the facts to raise awareness about the plight of hundreds of women being sold to the highest bidders, Bianca enlists Tonyís help. He is one of the few police officers willing to tell her the inside story and one who just happens to have a personal interest in her.  Her request opens a door to carnal adventures and Bianca is exposed to a world sheís never dreamed of. A world of pleasure brought on by the commands of the man mastering her body, mind and soul. Together Bianca and Tony will learn how to trust and love as they try to outsmart a madman bent on revenge.

Set in a contemporary world where the strong prey on the weak and where women are just another commodity, Love on the Run is a story overflowing with drama, violence and passion. On the hunt for the man who is using the city as his own personal play ground for violence against women, Tony is on a mission and canít afford distractions, distractions that come from a heroine with a past that is filled with the pain of loss. Love on the Run is the sequel to Kori Robertís previous story and one that seamlessly blends and adds additional depth to the case Tony and his partner started in the preceding tale. Bianca and Tony as a couple are well-suited but I have to admit I didnít connect with these two or the story for some reason. Tony just didnít appeal to me as much as his partner Jack did in Every Road Leads Back to You. My lack of connection to the couple doesnít take away from the story and I was happy to see I was still able to enjoy the plot and get sucked into the dramatic flair of a story that was full of excitement, in and out of the bedroom.


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