Lost by Varian Krylov


Extreme Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Nannette



Cat is curious about sex. She wants to learn and she wants her brother Derek to teach her.  Derek wants what he canít have. His forbidden thoughts of his sister combined with her seductive taunting are driving him mad. Cat, Derek and their dad are stranded on a deserted island and as time goes by Cat and Derek find it impossible to deny their forbidden desires.  

Lost is an incestuous story. Itís highly sexual and will strike a cord in anyone who reads it. Initially, I was both shocked and intrigued. It stirred mixed emotions within me, but I liked it. Derekís lust and need for Cat is intense. I loved that about him. There is a lot of angst in Lost, particularly with regard to Derekís feelings. The relationship between Cat, Derek, and their dad is certainly unconventional but it is also completely consensual and very loving. Lost crosses way over the lines of taboo, but it is very well written and erotic. Because of the circumstances Cat, Derek, and their dad are in, the story works. The ending is perfect. The topic, the incredibly hot sex scenes, and the setting, make Lost an extreme story in every way, and one that I enjoyed very much.  


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