Little Kunoichi by Tania Walsh

Amira Press

Futuristic Multicultural

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Mika Takei is a top-notch assassin trained from a young age to kill MOB members.  MOB is a criminal faction attempting to seize control, and she is one of a small group of assassins fighting to break their stranglehold on Naru city.  When her mentor, Shiro, hires her to assassinate a MOB related POI Mika reneges, unwilling to break her own code.  This sets the blocks of Mika’s life tumbling down.  MOB recruits lurk in alleyways with their own hidden agenda.  Too bad they don’t realize that it’s going to take more than a few henchmen to bring down Mika Takei. 

If you’re looking for nasty baddies, sexy bishounen, down and dirty action, big guns, flashing knives, and hot sex, then Little Kunoichi will more than meet your requirements.  You may have noticed that the romance factor doesn’t make the list.  Mika comes off as the more love-them-and-leave-in-a-hurry type, which makes sense; being a professional killer makes dating a bit awkward.  Her preference seems to be take-out sex with a well-built male, bad guys included, to satisfy her out of control sex drive.  The guy closest to Mika to fill the ‘relationship’ bill is Irie Kosho, a bishie-lucious fellow assassin who’s determined to keep an eye out for Mika.  I could tell Irie has something up his pretty sleeve for Mika resembling commitment.  Mika is in denial of her true feelings of course, since trust is not something any assassin can afford to give away freely. 

Little Kunoichi is a cyberpunk thriller with a feisty, tough protagonist that knows her way around the bedroom and the weapons armory.  I’m definitely interested in finding out what happens next to Mika and Irie.    



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