Leader of the Pack by Leighann Phoenix


Erotic Werewolf/Paranormal

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Aislynn is on the run and is working in a sleazy run down bar and foisting off the advances of her equally sleazy boss.  When an enigmatic and compelling man comes in and proceeds to drink the night away, Aislynn does what any good bartender does.  She calls his friends and asks that they come and get him because the bar is closing.  The manís friends arrive and when they do Aislynn slips quietly away in order to escape the unwanted advances of her boss.  Unknown to her she has caught the eye of the drunken man and in doing so he comes to her rescue when her boss catches up to her.  

Cullen has just agreed to be mated for the sake of his pack.  He knows it is something that he has to do but the thought of mating with the woman picked for him leaves him cold.  After just one encounter Cullen wants Aislynn but he knows as a human she would not be able to handle a mating such as he needs as a werewolf.  He doesnít know it yet but he has highly underestimated Aislynn.

I jumped on the chance to read Leader of the Pack because it is being published by a new publishing company.  I enjoyed the plot and premise of Leader of the Pack immensely.  I found Cullen a worthy alpha and I really thought he deserved to love the woman he wanted to love.  Aislynn was a great heroine as well. She was strong and didnít take anything off of anyone.  I liked her independence but I also liked how she loved Cullen.

I love reading new authors and Leighann Phoenix is now on my Ďto readí radar. 


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