Jungle Cries By Vonna Harper

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 1-4199-0789-1

Reviewed by Ley



With strong memories of the death and destruction of the Qasim people by past invaders to their homeland, Saasa and her people are very cautious of strangers.  Fearing a repeat of the past, Saasa allows herself to be captured by Ram after his spacecraft crashed lands on her planet, in order to be close enough to determine if he and his crew pose a threat to her people.

Ram needed a guide to help him through the unfamiliar lands of planet Lamis, when he saw the graceful beauty running through the jungle he knew she was the one.  From the start Saasa was a challenge for him, a challenge he was determined to win. 

Jungle Cries is a hot and interesting story.  Ram and Saana are from different planets with different levels of advancement.  Saana’s people are very primitive.  They live off the land with little to no use of technology or modern advancements.  Ram’s world, planet Atrver was of the highest advancements in modern technology, and because of it he felt superior to the Quasim people.  Meeting Saana soon changed that superior feeling to one of respect. Jungle Cries starts off with a strong focus on sex, and I felt things moved rather quickly between Ram and Saana.  As the story progressed feelings grew to where I started to believe a strong love driven, emotional connection between these two was possible.  By the end of the story I was in awe of Saana just as much as Ram was.  Jungle Cries is a good sci-fi story with adventure, love and erotically hot sex.  I enjoyed this story and am sure many others will too.


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