It Takes A Thief Or Two by Sherrill Quinn

Amber Quill Press

Amber Heat

Contemporary Romance/Ménage/Paranormal Activity

ISBN: 978-1-60272-169-2

Reviewed by Tanya



Jessica, a cartoon artist, has moved back home with her grandmother to help out with expenses and because she loves the woman and the area where she grew up.  If only the twins of her fantasies would give her the time of day.  But she knows that will never happen as they only seem to date the tall, blonde, twig-sized leggy type, and that is about as far from her figure as she can get.  Not only that but she is quite sure she could never choose between the two, which means they will probably think she is a short overweight freak, what a turn off.

Brock and Nick are twins who have a bond that can either be a benefit or a curse, depending on what is happening.  They both feel what the other one does, including the physical sensations.  Therefore they know that just seeing Jessica makes them both mad with lust.  But neither can figure out how to approach her as she always seems so cool around them.  Then suddenly they are given the chance they need.  Jessica’s grandmother wants to increase the security around their house.  Who better to take on the work than the town’s twin security specialists?

The men take the opportunity to show Jessica what she needs isn’t just a security system but both the company’s owners.  And they will not make her choose which one she wants, they are a package deal.

It Takes a Thief or Two proves that just because you think you know someone else’s type or what  they think about things doesn’t mean you are right.  More times than not, you are actually wrong, as with Jessica in this story.   Ms. Quinn does a fantastic job weaving in the matchmaking grandmother and the apprehensions on all three people into a wonderfully erotic story.  The twist of the twins’ link only made the story hotter for me.  It Takes a Thief or Two is a rapid-paced story that will definitely help you warm up on a cold day.



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