Icing on the Cake by Moira McTark

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-254-8

Reviewed by Zayn



Laine Malone loves her job as a wedding planner at Blissful Brides.  She especially looks forward to sparring with Jason Henley, the owner of the Henley Hotel, a popular wedding venue.  It is high season for weddings, so Jason and Laine are seeing a lot of each other, and fighting a lot, too.  Thanks to a cake mishap, their fighting becomes a whole lot more.   Unfortunately, dubious behavior on the part of a groom leaves not only Laine’s job hanging in the balance, but her relationship with Jason as well.

The beginning of Icing on the Cake grabbed my attention immediately.  It was hilarious.  However, my interest in the story waned as it went on.  Moira McTark did a great job of building Laine’s good character, so attempts to inject tension between Jason and Laine later in the story based on questionable actions on Laine’s part, fell flat.  This made the outcome of Icing on the Cake predictable rather than a relief. 



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