Hunterís Edge by Shiloh Walker

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN:  978-1-60504-029-5

Reviewed by Jo



Kelvin (Kel) Saunders met the new girl in his elementary school in a most unique way Ė she said that she was going to marry him one day.  Kel was unsure of Angel then, but as the years went on, he always seemed to know when Angel needed him and their feelings grew as they did.  Until one night when Kel felt terror from Angel and he rushed to her Ė a night that changed his life.

Angelica (Angel) Pierson knew who Kel would be to her from the moment she laid eyes on him.  Angel never doubted that Kel would be there for her and he always was, even one horrible night when she was attacked.  But when Angel woke up in the hospital, it was to learn Kel was gone.  Picking up the pieces of her life and going on only half-worked for Angel.

Kel was changed that night and now twelve years later, he is still trying to get over not being able to be with Angel.  He knows that the others are unsure what to make of him even though he is on their team.  One night Kel learns that Angel is in danger and nothing, not even his boss, is going to keep Kel from protecting Angel.  Angel has been just going day-to-day and missing Kel every one.  When danger once again targets Angel and she learns about Kel, will their lives be able to begin again? Or will time, distance, and pride keep them apart forever?

When fate has decided one thing, and what happens when it is interrupted, is what I discovered Hunterís Edge was all about.  Angel just knows things sometimes and she knew that Kel was to be with her.  Kel never expected to meet the girl he would love when he was seven, much less have her say so.  My heart went out to both Angel and Kel, as the events that kept them apart seemed to be ongoing.  Then when Kel fought like crazy to get to Angel and then she fought for him, once again I felt the sting of tears.  All through Hunterís Edge, I kept thinking that you just shouldnít mess with what fate and love have decided is going to be.  Kel and Angel showed not only that their love was strong, but also when you are lucky enough to find it with your soul mate, nothing can keep you apart.

I have loved and followed all of Ms. Walkerís Hunters and from that respect, I have to say that Hunterís Edge is a must read.  But if you have never picked up one of the Hunters books, then no worries, you can begin with Hunterís Edge and learn how the Hunters will grab you up and keep you in their grip.



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