Her Reluctant Rancher by Anne Marie Novark

Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed By Tori



Beth Evens is living on the Rocking C ranch organizing the books, with her five-year-old daughter, to put them into the library she is trying to build in the small town she lives in. Before the old rancher died he made her promise to convince his grandson not to sell the ranch, in return she would get the money needed to build the library.

Trevor Callahan only went back to the Rocking C so that he could sell it as fast as possible. He wanted nothing to do with his grandfather's home.  When Trevor learns that he must wait for everyone named in the will to be present for the reading he reluctantly agrees to stay. He just hopes he can keep his hands and his heart away from Beth.

Her Reluctant Rancher is an entertaining book.  There were many times I wanted to smack Trevor upside the head, he just was so shut off from the people who wanted to help him.  Beth’s daughter is adorable but I did find myself wishing that she had been made less unique.  Average five year olds can be just as much fun as the gifted.



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