Half Wild by Rhyannon Byrd, Madison Hayes

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419915406

Reviewed by: Vivian



While at a convention selling their clothing line, two stunning men fall out of the sky and land in front of best friends Jerri and Sam.  These two studs are instantly attracted to Sam and Jerri.  The men are ready to experience sex with real women.

Kar’Four and Deuce are sent back in time to prevent the accidental unleashing of a biological weapon during a robbery which leads to the annihilation of women in their future.  But they also have an even bigger secret that they’re reluctant to share.  They have animal DNA and are half wild.

Half Wild is a fun, fast-paced erotic journey.  The Kar men are so sexy you can just feel your screen sizzle.  Half Wild is really well written with a sensual quality that makes it a wonderful fantasy.  The instant chemistry between Deuce and Jerri, and between Four and Sam is so hot and gets even hotter as the story unfolds.  Half Wild is a fun a wild ride.



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