Gray Badge of Trust by Gracie C. McKeever

Amira Press

Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Chris



Detective Luke Gambleís been assigned to investigate a suspected corrupt cop who killed a drug dealer in cold blood. The problem? Heís slept with the officerís partner, Detective Tally Cavaleri. He believes he can separate business from pleasure, but as Tally pursues their relationship, heís not so sure.

Tally Cavaleriís into female domination and male submission. Taking Luke in the elevator and later in the menís bathroom is just the beginning. She has plans for them that go beyond the simple touch-and-grope. She also has a few secrets of her own, like sheís working for Internal Affairs, investigating the same man Luke is.

Iím not sure what to make of Gray Badge of Trust. Itís told in first person narrative, from the male perspective, and I enjoy that unique voice. On the flip side, it reads like an excerpt rather than a complete story with only about twenty pages making up the tale. Formatting of the story also takes some getting used to. Gracie McKeever has a strong voice and an authentic pulse on what a man sounds and thinks like, but the tale lacks a happily-ever-after and doesnít even attempt to resolve any plot points. Also, while the cover art is nice, it has nothing to do with the storyline. Consider yourself forewarned.



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