Full House by Anna Dynowski

A Full Circle Sequel, Book 2

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Inspirational Suspense Romance

ISBN: 1-59431-608-2

Reviewed by Tori



Detective Constable Matthew Paladini has been working almost nonstop since his wife was killed almost two years ago. Matt is not prepared to handle the emotions he feels when he pulls the new schoolteacher over for speeding. How will he protect her family and his daughter when the man who killed his wife escapes from jail?

Petra Lojek moved to Paradiso to rebuild her life with her kids after the death of her husband. As she grows closer to the closed off Matt she doesn't expect to help his daughter overcome a disease that Petra battled herself. She prays that Matt will accept her advice and learn to lean on God even in times of trouble.

Full House was a complex story filled with emotion. I found the suspense element of the book to be unnecessary for the most part; there was enough going on without it. Other than that I fully enjoyed Full House.  The flowing writing dripped with pain. Each character had to learn how to trust in God to lead them into the arms of a loving family.



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