From Latte to Love by Amber Polo

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Elaine is a paranormal romance writer who is hoping to be able to someday write full time.  But for now, she writes on weekends at a local Starbucks and teaches high school poetry during the week.  While she has settled into a routine, that does not mean she doesnít still want it all.  She is attracted to the man who is intently writing at the same Starbucks, but she knows he is too gorgeous to want to date her.

Brian wants to be a writer.  He is a successful computer game writer, but heís also substitute teaching math while trying to finish his first full length novel.  But he keeps getting distracted by the cute woman who is intently writing on a pink computer of all things.  Will he take a chance and make the first move?

From Latte to Love was a cute story that I felt was underdeveloped, almost like Ms. Polo had to hurry to wrap the story up.  Additionally, I felt the author did a great job writing the main story, but when she broke into the text the two characters were writing, I cringed, as it didnít seem to be of the same caliber.   But that is my opinion.  I did thoroughly enjoy the thoughts each character had about the other, and the conclusions they jumped to.  The overall conclusion is that From Latte to Love gets a mixed review from me.


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