Frenchiní by Penny Dawn

Amber Heat

Contemporary Erotica

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-116-6

Reviewed By Vicki



Gabrielle Venet, the newest member of Lake Superior State Collegeís French Department, means business.  To get the respect she needs to teach her classes she makes up a husband.  Unfortunately, she picks the wrong guy to claim as her husband, he was once the drummer of a rock band, and he has been sleeping with one of her studentís sister.

Kyle Hennessy was instantly attracted to Gabrielle and he had to have her, unfortunately she was claiming to be married to a man that had been stringing his sister along for months.  He knows he needs to tell his teacher about her husbandís wandering eye, but Gabrielle seems to forget all about a husband when they get close enough to kiss.  Kyle knows something is not right about the situation but he never dreams it would turn out so well for him.

I found Frenchiní to be a fun read.  Kyle is the standard party boy that of course cleans up his ways, at least academically.  Gabrielle was hard when she needed to be hard and soft the rest of the time.  Frenchiní was well written and the side story of the drummer and Kyleís sister was a sweet compliment to the lust between the main characters.


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