Forbidden Fruit by Jaide Fox



ISBN: 978-1-60394-202-7

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Lilith Somerset doesn’t want to marry.  This doesn’t stop her father from betrothing her to a wealthy stranger.  She is sick and tired of having her life controlled by men.  Lilith’s wish comes true to a certain degree.  She escapes marriage only to fall into a bizarre predicament.   What she doesn’t know is that a portion of her value, aside from her father’s tremendous riches, is the mystery of her mother’s heritage.  

Lord Dominic Rainier is a man ruled by duty and desperation.  It’s been foretold to him by the local witch that in order to save his people and lands from a long-standing curse, he must ensure that Lilith is pregnant by the next full moon.  Lilith is not the type of woman to easily give in, but then neither is Dominic.   

Dominic is forced to use measures to overcome her reluctance without harming Lilith.  Lilith scorns him and struggles to fight him and her emotions.  This proves difficult when Dominic begins to appear less and less the villain.  Then there is the looming threat of Lilith’s father once he discovers that she has been taken and by whom.  No matter what the outcome is they are facing the point of no return.

Lilith and Dominic are both forced into a series of circumstances that take away their freedom except for how they want to deal with the decisions they are forced to make.  The most positive aspect is that the end justifies the means, although in the beginning, Dominic’s actions are questionable.  He is sickened by what he must do but his life is not the only one on the line.  He has lost everything, and Ms. Fox portrays him as a sympathetic hero with enough resilience and backbone that he is far from pitiful.  Lilith is a strong and passionate woman set on vengeance in the beginning after resigning herself to hardship.  By the end of the story, I was admiring her insightfulness and strength.  She’s tough and every bit as proud as Dominic while still displaying her vulnerable side. 

Overall, I would not say this is one of Ms. Fox’s stronger works, although this did not make it less interesting or unpleasant to read.  What carries the most weight is Ms. Fox’s strong writing and ability to weave a story by luring you into the bright tapestry of her setting.  Forbidden Fruit is a sensuous story with characters that “click” together in searing love scenes balanced out by moments of tenderness.  There is a subtle hint of the fairy tale about it that will work for any reader with a taste for romantic fantasy.



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