For Better, For Worse by Michelle Cary

Husbands and Wives

Loose Id

Erotic Ménage Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-647-7

Reviewed by:  Vivian


Samantha has been wife, mother, and homemaker for the last seven years of her marriage.  Somehow, along the way, she has gotten overwhelmed and her relationship with her husband has suffered.  He cannot understand her feelings and issues an ultimatum.

Lance thinks by issuing this ultimatum – therapy or divorce – they would be able to get back to the way things were.  So he books a weekend at an Intimacy Retreat in hopes that they can save their marriage.  Once there, Samantha realizes that maybe she can be a mother and still be sexy.   Maybe this retreat will not be so bad after all.

For Better, For Worse started out bothering me because I was not happy with Lance’s ultimatum.  However, once they got to the retreat and were finally able to work through their issues, I really started to enjoy it.  Michelle Cary has made this a hot story, very well written, with plenty of sizzling sex scenes. Some funny role-playing, some light bondage, a little voyeurism and an interesting ménage are all featured, even in the context of “therapy”. For Better, For Worse is a touching love story about how falling in love is the easy part, staying in love is sometimes a lot of work.  For Better, For Worse is definitely an enjoyable read.



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