Finding Home by Cameron Dane

Loose Id

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-700-9

Reviewed by Ley



Living on the streets, seventeen-year-old Adam Reyes turned to stealing to survive.  Getting caught in the act while trying to pick the pocket of security expert Rhone Quinn was the best thing to happen to him.  Rhone took pity on Adam and helped him to get off the streets.  Under the guidance of Rhone and his brother Canine, Adam saw his life heading for a positive future for the first time since his family turned their backs on him.

Over the years Adam grew from a scared and confused teenager to a strong and confident young man in every aspect of his life except in his relationship with Rhone.  Where Rhone was concerned Adam was more confused then ever, the adolescent hero worship he felt for Rhone in the beginning has evolved over the years into love. 

Finding Home is good read, although I didnít think it met the standards of previous works Iíve read of Cameron Dane.   Rhone and Adam are likeable characters and I enjoyed their relationship together up until they get together.  I felt let down by what should have been the high point of the story.  I felt as if Ms. Dane was trying to wrap everything up too quickly and although itís a happy conclusion, it just didnít sit well with me.  Even though I was underwhelmed with the climax of the story, I felt Ms. Dane did a wonderful job of creating a strong connection between our two heroes.  As a fan of Ms. Daneís work I am happy I read Finding Home.



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