Fate's Song by Jessica Jarman

Total-e-Bound Publishing

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-906590-70-3

Reviewed by Gracie



Kaelen is a faery who has been banished from his lands and his people after he interfered with the human world.  Kaelen killed a human while defending and saving the lives of four others. Kaelen is a strong, kind, sexy, and an important part of the fey world. He is the next in line to be king. Kaelen accepts his punishment and is grateful because he thought he would be sentenced to death. Instead, he is only banished until he finds his true mate…which seems impossible since he is being sent from his people.

Abagail Guthrie's life is about music, but she is taking a break in her favorite place. She has gone to a cabin that her mother left her after her parents and her brother were killed in a car accident. Abagail just wants some peace and quiet, but her sister-in-law is hounding her about selling the cabin and sharing the profits with her remaining brothers.

To escape the phone, Abagail takes a walk and suddenly hears a beautiful song. She follows the music and trips over a badly injured man, Kaelen, lying in the snow. Abagail drags Kaelen back to her cabin, puts him in bed, and cleans his numerous wounds. Both Kaelen and Abagail are instantly and strongly attracted to each other. Kaelen tries to resist Abagail, because he feels that it is wrong to make love with a human. Abagail tries to stay away from Kaelen since she is having strange and scary dreams about him, and is baffled by his ability to heal so quickly. Their efforts are useless and as soon as they make love their connection gets stronger.

Kaelen knows Abagail is his true mate. Matters complicate further when an enemy from Kaelen's past returns, which could mean the end of his time with Abagail. In order to find happiness, they will have to overcome Kaelen's past, his banishment, their families, and the possibility of their worlds keeping them apart.

Fate's Song is an interesting, sexy story. Kaelen is so good, strong, and proud that it broke my heart to see him banished from the land he loves. Abagail is a strong woman who does not realize how lonely she is until Kaelen comes into her life. Their story is a romantic love story about the things we must overcome to find and keep our hearts content. I was rooting for Kaelen from the first moment and Abagail was the perfect woman. Fate's Song by Jessica Jarman is definitely to be savored!



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