Fated by Lauren Dane

Cascadia Wolves, Book 5

Samhain Publishing

ISBN: 1-60504-133-5

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Megan Warden is an Enforcer for her werewolf Pack.  As such, she is the second most important wolf in her compound.  Megan is traveling to the wedding of a cousin and has been asked to pick up another wolf at the airport; her sisterís anchor, Shane Rosario. Megan doesnít think anything of it until she smells him and once that happens nothing can stop the two from mating.

Shane Rosario denies the wolf inside of him.  Brought up by his mother to hate what he is, Shane never loses control and never changes.  When Megan Warden picks him up at the airport and Shane senses his inner wolf rumbling, he is shocked but goes with the flow.  One mating later, the two are at odds at their sudden relationship. 

Shane refuses to give up his medicine and life in Las Vegas.  Megan canít imagine living outside of her pack.  Refusing to give Shane an ultimatum, Megan vows that she wonít press him for more than he can give, even though each day without him breaks her heart into tiny pieces. 

Fated clicked with me instantly.  I felt Meganís tenacity at not wanting to give up her pack but I also felt Shaneís shame for being a werewolf.  Lauren Dane has written a highly emotional story in Fated.  Shane and Megan face real fears and have to make agonizing choices.   

Fated was about communication and working through problems.  The mating of Shane and Megan took them by surprise but they refused to give up on their mating and each other.  Just the way a loving relationship should be.  Mark Fated in the winnerís column! I loved it!



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