Family Matters by Kara Larson, Sean Michael, Chris Owen and Alexa Snow

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-372-7, 1-60370-372-1

Reviewed by Ley



"Motion of the Planet" by Alexa Snow

Tyler had to grow up fast to take care of his sister when their father walked out and their mother gave up on living.  His past has made him leery of love and commitment, he knew his partner, Mason loved him but he couldnít bring himself to trust that it would last forever.  When tragedy strikes, Mason becomes his rock as Tyler tries to hold together the family he has left.

ďMotion of the PlanetĒ is a very moving and beautifully written story.  Tyler and Mason learn that family is what you make it and it takes work, love and dedication.  It took a lot from Tyler to trust in himself and believe he could give the children and Mason what they needed to make their family work.


"Everybody Loves a Wedding" by Chris Owen

Determined not to let his twin sister down, Spencer takes the honor of being her man of honor to heart.  He is determined to make her wedding the most beautiful experience of her life, after all he owes her big for bringing Dean into his life.

"Everybody Loves a Wedding" is a cute, quirky story about a family thatís full of love and flaws and a whole lot of understanding.  Spencer is sweet.  The only boy out of five kids he has such a realistic relationship with his sisters and their husbands.  Family is the main focus of this story and the relationship between Dean and Spencer evolves quietly into something special.


"And a Chook Shall Lead Them" by Kara Larson

Amiri finds he is now in possession of more then an old house when his aunt passes away.  He and his partner Graeme are instant parents of Amiriís niece and nephew.  This is a hard adjustment for Amiri who had nothing much to do with his family since he leaving home after they found out he was gay.

"And a Chook Shall Lead Them" is an emotional story.  It has a similar theme of the other stories in this anthology but itís a much different read being that Amiri held no prior relationship with his niece and nephew. The children need a lot of extra care, especially his niece Lani.  Wiremu, Amiriís nephew really touched me with his patience and the way he cared for his little sister.


"Inheritance" by Sean Michael

Cash and Brad, related by the marriage of their now deceased brother and sister, must put aside their difference and find a way to make a home for their six nieces and nephews. 

ďInheritanceĒ is another great story produced from this anthology.  Cash a roughneck cowboy and Brad a privileged northerner, give into their attraction to each other and have to fight Bradís pretentious mother in their pursuit to make a home for their now orphaned nieces and nephews.  While making a home for the children they found home with each other.


Family Matters is a fantastic anthology that shows family as it really is, flawed irritating people that we love and care for and will give our lifeís blood for.  Family isnít just blood relatives, but also people we open our hearts to.  Family Matters is an enjoyable read that touched my heart in many ways and Iím positive many other readers will find these stories very endearing as well.



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