Fallen Angel by Marie Morin



ISBN 978-1-60394-201-0

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Kylee Griffin is on a mission thatís taking her to the most dangerous parts of town.  She quickly finds out that she is no match for whatís coming her way.  While fighting for her life, she stumbles upon an Elumi, Gabriel, in the midst of his own battle.  The Earthbound Elumi is forbidden to have any contact with humanity.  This doesnít keep Gabriel from getting closer to Kylee.  Although they may be from different species, from different dimensions, and with different views, the force of attraction and love between Kylee and Gabriel defies every form of opposition.

Fallen Angel is a fantastic blend of action and romance.  The blossoming relationship between Kylee and Gabriel takes off at break neck speed with hot romps in the bedroom spicing things up.  Everything thatís needed for a love story to ďpopĒ is all here - a supernatural bad-ass hottie, a courageous, loving woman and writing thatís stylish and sensuous.  I devoured this story in one fell swoop and had room for desert featuring more Kylee and Gabriel.  Their HEA was tender and definitely sweet.  I can only sum it up by saying thereís never a dull moment to be found here.

Fallen Angel is a reissue from the anthology, The Fallen.



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