Fairy Tails by Beth Kery

The Battles of the Sidhe, Book 1

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-797-8

Reviewed by Zayn



Donna Macleary was raised by her two eccentric grandmothers who told her fairy tales about the land of Sidhe, two warriors Dristan and Cheveyo, and the mortal woman who came between them.  On the winter and summer solstices, Donna has erotic dreams about Dristan and Cheveyo that leave her longing for her dream lovers to be real.

Dristan and Cheveyo are both powerful warrior kings in Sidhe who fight on the side of light.  However, they are enemies because each wants Donna as their queen.  The yearly Battle of Samhain looms near.  Can they put their fight for Donna on the back burner long enough to battle the Dark Sidhe?

I enjoyed Fairy Tails.  The land of Sidhe Beth Kery has created is intriguing.  The grandmas are funny, and the encounters between Donna and the warriors are hot.  I'm looking forward to reading more about their relationship and the outcome of the Battle in book two.


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