Exorcising Sean's Ghost by Beth Kery

Elloraís Cave

BDSM Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781419913181

Reviewed by Ley



Belle couldnít believe it when Sean Ryan, the handsome and renowned U.S. Attorney General, took an interest in her.  Belle fell for him passionately.  After Sean is killed by terrorists, a part of Belle dies along with him.  Belle believes she could never feel for another man what she felt for Sean, but that was until she meets Jack Caldwell.  Confused by her feelings toward Jack, but unable to control them, Belle gives Jack the gift she had wanted to give to Sean.

Jack wants Belle as much she wants him.  Jackís need to possess her and dominate her is strong, but he refuses to compete with the spirit of a dead man.

Exorcising Seanís Ghost is a very good story and itís smoking hot!  Beth Kery is tops in writing erotic and sexy love scenes.  Sheís also great when it comes to creating likable and compatible characters, even when they are overbearing and dominating.  Exorcising Seanís Ghost is a really enjoyable read with a fantastic plot twist.   Iím sure many readers will like it just as much as I do.


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