Earth Storm by Kassie Burns

Erotic Science Fiction Romance

LuLu Press

ISBN 978-1-5540-4561-7

Reviewed by Nannette



Mercy Johnson works as a research assistant for a group of physicists. Noah McKnight is her co-worker. A plague has hit the east coast killing a large portion of the people there. Itís spreading and Mercy knows itís just a matter of time before it hits Chicago. Noah calls Mercy and asks if sheíd like to get together and celebrate what they have left. Their passionate date takes them on a journey when an earthquake hits then the threat of a volcano erupting leads them out of Chicago to try and find a safe harbor. On their way, they form a bond and act as a team to help others, but Mercy senses that something is very different about her new lover. Noah is on a mission to save humanity and he needs Mercyís help to do it. In the process, he hopes heís found the one woman made for him.

Earth Storm has a very creative plot, but it didnít translate well. It never felt believable and things, like too many exclamation points, create overzealousness in the characters. As much as I wanted to like Earth Storm because of its interesting storyline, I just didnít. I felt a lack of depth and emotion from both the characters and the story itself.  Noah and Mercy are passionate lovers right away. Their sometimes purple pro love play is erotic, but lacked affection to me.  Earthquakes, volcanoes, plagues and tornados make for an exciting story in Earth Storm, but it wasnít enough to hold my interest.  



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