Dressing the Empress by Ann Cory

Torrid Twisted Tales

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Fantasy Romance

ISBN:  978-1-59374-536-3

Reviewed by Jambrea


The Empress, Riona, is only interested in one thingÖherself.  She loves to look at herself in the room of mirrors she has in her home.  When she hears of a man who makes exclusive gowns, she knows she must have him as her own dress maker because who could make his gowns sparkle but her. 

Gustav is disgusted at The Empressí vanity and sets about teaching her a valuable lesson she soon wonít forget.

Can Riona get over her vanity to find the man of her dreams or will she be stuck on herself and lose the one thing that could make her whole?  Will Gustav be able to save Riona from herself?

I started reading Dressing the Empress and I was upset because I didnít want the Empress to be the heroine.  I didnít like her at all!  Ann Cory made Riona so vain and stuck on herself that I was just as disappointed in her behavior as Gustav was.  I think that is a testament to Ms. Coryís writing that she can bring such strong feelings out when I read her tales.  I loved reading the transformation of Riona and by the end of the story I was proud of Riona, as was Gustav.  Gustav is the best thing that could have happened to Riona.

Dressing the Empress is a take on the fairy tail The Emperorís New Clothes, but a much sexier rendition that I loved reading.


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